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We're so glad you've joined us! We hope the information on this site is helpful to you as you parent your middle schooler. 


Why have we written a book about middle schoolers? As we have talked to parents and listened to their concerns, we realized they were deeply worried about their children, especially about how to handle technology, social media, and the Internet. Some said they felt alone. At sea. They spoke of longing for a sense of community with other parents -- of actually being able to have a place where they could speak honestly about all that impinges on their kids' lives. Most were afraid. How could they counter the unremitting presence of media and kids' constant connectedness? How could they still raise moral kids in a culture that actively works to destroy innocence?


The felt they needed a road map as they parented their tweens and teens -- but where to find it?


We decided to provide such a road map, and we set to work. FROM SANTA TO SEXTING is exactly that -- a road map to modern middle school. It includes interviews with experts, parents, and the kids themselves.  And it arms parents with the practical information, inspiring stories, and resources they need to keep kids safe and strong in middle school.


Writing this book has changed our thinking and our lives. It has given us a sense of mission and passion.


We hope it will do the same for you.



What are other people saying about the book?



"I have never seen a book like From Santa to Sexting.  It is a powerful guide for parents of a neglected group of children -- those from ages eleven to fourteen.  It is a thorough guide, bravely discussing difficult issues, such as the Internet, drugs, cell phones, bullying, and sex. Authors Hunter and Blair give guidance to parents, some of it out of their own experience, making it authentic and practical.  I highly recommend this book to all parents whose children are approaching or are in this age group."


Joe McIlhaney, MD, co-author of Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children



"Passionate concern for America's youth motivates this convincing and disturbing description of the pitfalls of the middle school years.  This is a must-read for parents, educators, and anyone who holds a middle schooler close to their heart."


U.S. Senator Dan Coats, Indiana



"Dr. Brenda Hunter and Kristen Blair have written a compelling and informative guide for parents and educators of children in the critical stage of middle school.  This well-researched and practical book is one I would wholeheartedly recommend to all parents of middle schoolers everywhere. Parents who read this thought-provoking book will truly help shape their children's 'choices that last a lifetime.'"


Elayne Bennett, MEd, President and Founder, Best Friends Foundation



"This is an outstanding book."


Janet Parshall, National Religious Broadcasters' 2011 Air Personality of the Year and host of Moody Radio's "In the Market"


"Children growing up is the most terrifying thing in the world to a parent. From Santa to Sexting: Helping Your Child Safely Navigate Middle School and Shape the Choices that Last a Lifetime is a guide for parents who want to cope with the modern era, and how to act as a guide to your children in a time where there's little barrier between the kid's world and the adult world. From Santa to Sexting is very much recommended to Christian parents who want to help keep their children on the right path through life."



Midwest Book Review, February 2012

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